Workshop Schedule 2018

Main BallroomBallroom 2
Thursday7:30pmJordan and Tatiana
Friday 3:00pmGary and Susan
4:00pmKyle and SarahIntro to West Coast Swing
Chris Chung and Rachel Rivera
5:00pmLegends Tribute Workshop to Wayne taught by Sharlot Bott assisted by Parker DearbornBasics and Beyond
Chris Chung and Rachel Rivera
12:00amBrazilian Zouk with Kadu and Larissa
Saturday10:00amPj and Tashina
11:00amBenji Schwimmer 
Sunday10:00amSean and Courtney
11:00amMyles and Tessa

The Swing Out Workshops!

Not competing? Join us Saturday afternoon for 30 minute workshops focused on  on a specific concept or pattern followed by 30 minutes of guided practice! 



Ballroom 2

Mike & Hannah

Ballroom 3


12:30pmPracticeAustin & Kali 
1:00pmConor & Shanna Practice
1:30pmPracticeJesse & Lannie
2:00pmKen & Bryn Practice
2:30pmPracticeRyan & Mia